The best meals start with the best ingredients and wherever possible we source according to the mantra: ‘local, natural and seasonal’.

The gardens yield a wide abundance of fruit, herbs, salads and vegetables throughout the year, which enable the kitchen team to provide the freshest local seasonal produce for the dining room ensuring the finest culinary experiences. Ballyfin hens provide us with fresh eggs every day for breakfast and our guests are welcome to collect the eggs each morning. Our honey is produced by our busy bees and the bee hives can be located near the grotto.


The sausages are a special blend specifically made for Ballyfin by Feighery butchers in the local town of Portlaoise, Feighery's also supply us with Hereford beef, venison and locally shot game. Our Irish Black Dexter beef is from Co. Offaly and our lamb from Co. Roscommon and the Connemara Hills. Our pork is from Clonagheen House in Co. Laois.


Trisha Butler and her family provide organic chickens from their farm in Kilkenny and our free range duck is supplied by Mary and Tony Walsh also in Kilkenny.


Fish and shellfish come from the fishermans market in Kilkenny where the freshest of fish is handpicked from local boats. Kia and Lee at Duncannon Smoke House in Co. Wexford provide us with freshly smoked salmon and haddock and fresh fish from the day boats.


With these raw materials – the fruit of the Irish soil – something very special is sure to ensue, but the extra magic is applied in the kitchen by our team of chefs.



As the day rolls on, the stunning food begins to make the odd appearance, culminating in a multicourse tasting menu for dinner which is heartbreakingly delicious, served with joy and pride by an incredible team under the guidance of maitre d'hotel and sommelier. The food is an absolute master class in how to express love and passion for the land we live in, everything has been selected to be the best that Ireland has to offer, and constantly revised to make sure nothing better has arrived. Even the way the brandy is served is homage to service excellence! David - Ireland